LEGACY is the protoype of a new first-person story exploration game where art, science and storytelling converges. In an alternate reality you learn to use and discover memory embedded in your surrounding – man-made objects, nature or places.

Imagine the walking sim Gone Home (2013) the movie The Sixth Sense (M. Night Shyamalan from 1999) and David Lynch´s Lost Highway have an child which wants to draw and is curious why it sees the world different than all the others – well, most of them.

The Developers

The project currently in development will lead into the first downloadable episode called “Mnemosyne”. The game is story-based and has educational parts in Visual Arts which tie in with the background story. Its “memory architecture” and the deep connection of history with things and shared intense moments of people creating new thoughts is your playground to learn about yourself:

Memories are like spiderwebs, if we want is to walk on them with own mind we better grow some legs – to explore what we keep hidden, to see what is left by others, to unravel history as we unravel ourselves.

Peter Diviciacus

We will keep you updated about the progress on this site…